Bhaumika Manvantara

Bhaumika Manvantara or Bhaumika Pralaya (Sanskrit: ";") from bhumi (earth, land) from the verbal root bhu (to become, grow) — the terrestrial manvantara, or manvantara of earth. The terrestrial or planetary dissolution or manifestation. The bhaumika pralaya is similar to the naimittika pralaya (occasional pralaya) or Night of Brahma.

When the last round of a planetary chain has been entered upon, the highest or first globe (A), followed by all the others in succession to the last, instead of entering upon a certain time of rest or obscuration, as in the previous rounds, begins to die out. The planetary dissolution or pralaya is then at hand, and when the last hour of that pralaya has struck, each globe has to transfer its life and energy to a new laya-center, to another globe, whereupon begins the bhaumika manvantara, the great life cycle of this new globe, the reimbodiment of the inner constitution or life essence of the former now dead and decaying globe.




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