Brahma Madhwa Guru Paramparā

In the Brahma Sampradaya, which is the 'sampradaya' of Sri Sripad Madhwacarya, up until Madhwa, I have included in the flow of devotees the lineage accepted by the general Brahma Sampradaya, but after Sripad Madhwacarya there are some changes. The reason for this is that there is no mention of anyone from Brahma, and Narad, to Vyasa, and then to Madhwa. Definately they were the great 'acaryas' in our line, but as well as them there were many worthy souls who gave in many cases their very life to the mission of the 'parampara'.

  • Hamsa — Narayana (paramatma)
  • Caturmukha Brahma
  • Four Kumaras (sanakadi)
  • Durvasas (Durvasa Muni the expansion of lord Shiva)
  • Jnananidhi Tirtha
  • Garudavahana
  • Kaivalya Tirtha
  • Jnanisa Tirtha
  • Para Tirtha
  • Satya Prajna Tirtha
  • Prajna Tirtha ( then a gap of four hundred years )(unknown warriors)
  • Acyutaprajna Tirtha (Purusottam Tirtha)
  • Ananda Tirtha (Purnaprajna Tirtha, Sripad Madhwacarya) and Srila Vyasadeva

Over the course of the entire span of time that the 'parampara' has existed there has been one main root of the tree, with many four main trunks, and then many branches, sub-branches, etc., coming from them. During the sojourn of that tree in spanning the yugas to reach where we are today in the Kali Yuga different devotees have branched out to further spread the 'parampara'. I have tried to include some of these changes, but with branches, and sub-branches, …..this tree is so vast!


1. The Brahma Madhwa Guru Parampara, Detailed table of the disciplic succession.




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