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Your Journey with me into the world of lesser known facts

This booklet shows the agony of a scholar who wants to present the truth before the public about the mess created in case of Shri Raam Mandir, Ayodhya. Now the facts have been covered under garbage in the name of secularism by so-called professors, academicians and men of justice, politicians and press. The write-up is straightforward, frank and honest. The Author, Shri Maanoj Rakhit, is telling the truth, the facts about Raam Mandir in Ayodhya, exposing the secular professors and men and women in high positions who have tried their best to cover up the truth about existence of Raam Mandir, which Muslims - true to the teachings of their religion - had demolished. It is worth reading.

  • Part 1 Journey of Hindu Society
    • Hindu Society before Islam
    • Journey through Horrors of Islam
    • Journey through Saintly duplicity
    • Journey through dishonest Secularism
  • Part 2 Frauds on Hindu society
    • On Raam Temple at Ayodhya
    • On Blackening History of Hinduism
    • On Vedic time Hindus eating Beef
    • On Games Church Plays
    • On Church Splitting the Nation

by Maanoj Rakhit on Removing Cultivated Ignorance
Maanoj Rakhit Publications, ISBN 978-81-89990-14-5

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