Christianity in a different Light

Face behind the Mask

The book Christianity in a different Light is the need of the hour to remove cultivated ignorance of the Hindus, especially the English speaking elite. It helps in seeing the truth behind the smoke screen. Many a revelations made in this work may come as surprise to many readers, even as shock to some.

  • Blowing the Bugle
  • Foundation of Christianity
    • 'Compare it' with Hinduism
  • Crusade against Hinduism
  • The Seed of Christianity
    • 'Compare it' with Hinduism
  • Know Jesus Better
  • The budding Plant of Christianity
  • Christianity as a Grown-Up Tree
    • Garden that beckons ~ the Christian America ~ the land of plenty
    • Christianity Strangles all other Religions
  • Call to the Nation

by Maanoj Rakhit on Challenging Cultivated Ignorance
Maanoj Rakhit Publications, ISBN 978-81-89990-08-4

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