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Why Bhagawaan Shri Krishn delivered the message of BhagavadGita at the Battlefield of KuruKshetr?

This work is based on religious text of ShrimadBhagavadGita. And yet, you may find Shri Maanoj Rakhit delving into history, politics and current events from time to time.

  • Bhagavad-Gita Adhyaay 1
    • Shlok-1 DharmKshetr KuruKshetr
    • Shlok 2-20 Participants in the Battle of Dharm and Adharm
    • Shlok 21-30 Arjun’s Dilemma
    • Shlok 31-39 Arjun’s Concerns about the Effects of War…
    • Shlok 40-43 Arjun’s Concerns about the deterioration of the eternal Family-Dharm
  • Vidhata
    • Shlok 40-43 Arjun’s Concerns about rise of Varn’Sankars
    • Shlok 44-47 Arjun gives up and resigns, so has Hindu given up

by Maanoj Rakhit on Removing Cultivated Ignorance
Maanoj Rakhit Publications, ISBN 978-81-89990-16-9, Enlarged edition 2008

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