Success In Life: A Young Person's Guide

Published by the Divine Life Society
Indian Culture for Teenagers
by Subhamoy Das

For teenagers, especially those who are growing up in a foreign culture, to flow with the stream is easy, but to swim against the current needs an eye-opener. This book for teenagers consists of the teachings of Sri Swami Chidananda that will help young people get to know the best of Hindu culture and how to imbibe them. It tells you how to lead a successful life through counseling and guidance and practical advise, including how to choose a profession. It also has some beautiful poems!

You’ll love the Chapter - "12 keys to happiness and success", which talks about how to… 1. Develop a clear cut aim; 2. Draw up a wise program; 3. Guard your health; 4. Conserve your energy; 5. Value character; 6. Adopt virtues; 7. Pray to god; 8. Reflect upon ideal personalities; 9. Be kind; 10. Be absolutely truthful; 11. Serve others; 12. Think nobly.

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