What makes Hinduism really great?

Hinduism is a great banyan tree. On its "sakas"(limbs) one can see the principles of all the great religions of the world. The total surrender Yoga which Jesus Christ spoke of one can see in the Bhagavad Gita. The statement of the Sufis that "I am God" one can see in the Upanishads as "Aham Brahmasim." The statement of Lao-Tse that everthing is Tao can be seen as "Everything is Brahman" in the Upanishads. In Hinduism alone one can see the strange coexistence of an atheist, an agnostic and a theist. When Socrates and the Sufis were persecuted in the West, in India we adored Buddha, who did no recognize the authority of the Vedas, and tolerated Charvaka, who ridiculed the Vedas and attacked the mere existence of God. So let us face it, in Hinduism one can find a religion tailor-made for each of us, whatever be our way of thinking.

Hinduism recognizes the fact that people are on different levels. Matters do not apply or appeal to all persons in the same manner. My mother could go into a trance just by looking at the picture of Shri Krishna. But for you and I, that is unimaginable. I could appreciate and admire Sanskrit lyrics in the Mahabharata, but for you that mya be difficult. That is the reason why Hinduism, which is filled with hundreds of ideas, will appeal to all.

Hinduism is the most developed school of thought for understanding human nature, freeing oneself from fear, ignorance, and unhappiness, and for growing towards individual enlightenment.

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