Who is the Founder of Hinduism?

Unlike the other religions of the world, Hinduism or more properly Hindu dharma did not originate with any single prophet or at a particular period of human history. It has been there from prehistoric times. It is based on the spiritual concepts discovered by numerous rishis (enlightened sages). These concepts are impersonal like other concepts in science. These concepts have been validated by innumerable people. Hinduism invites everyone, irrespective of the cultural background, to validate the truth of the spiritual concepts for themselves.

Its uniqueness lies in its being based on the super conscious experiences and spiritual realizations of a galaxy of spiritual masters, sages and seers, each of whom could claim prophet-hood. Built on such a firm foundation of spiritual experiences which are verifiable, the Hindu religious tradition has been flowing continuously like the river Ganga for several millennia. That is why Hindu dharma has been designated as Sanatana (perpetual) dharma.

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