Guru Parampara

guru parampara (Sanskrit: from guru teacher + parampara a row or uninterrupted series or succession) or "from one teacher to another") means a line of spiritual gurus in authentic succession of initiation; the chain of mystical power and authorized continuity, passed from guru to guru.


There are two kinds of guruparampara: first, those who rise one above the other in spiritual dignity and in progressively greater esoteric degree; and, second, those who succeed each other in time and in one line in the outer world. Yet these two kinds are but the same rule of series manifesting in two slightly differing manners. This process copies the hierarchical structure of nature itself.

In the Indian religious and philosophical traditions, all knowledge is traced back to the Gods and to the rishi who saw the Vedas. For instance, the advaita guru-parampara begins with the daiva-parampara, followed by the rishi-parampara.




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