Oldest Living Spiritual Tradition

Do you know the original name of Hinduism is Sanatan Dharm which is oldest living spiritual tradition?

Sanatan’ means eternal and ‘Dharm’ means those actions, thoughts and practices that promote physical and mental happiness in the world and ensure God Realization. Indian spirituality is not founded by a single person's teachings nor by someone's certain sacrifice but it encourages quest for knowledge. It does not implore to believe in the name of faith.

Discoverer of Profound Spiritual Truths

  • Atman (the Self within) gets liberated from samsara (the cycle of birth and death) only after Eighty-four Lakh Janma (8.4 million) manifestations if it do not seek liberation by its own.
  • The human form of life is the only chance for the atman (a soul) to attain God realization, if one understands the disappointing nature of the illusive attractions and attachments of the world and sincerely proceeds on the path of God realization by completely trusting in the causeless kindness of God.
  • Maya is a lifeless power of God having three qualities: sattvic (pious), rajas (selfish) and tamas (impious) that represent its existence when it is evolved into the form of the universe. The universe has two dimensions - material and celestial. The Divine dimension of God lies beyond the field of maya.

The Science of Yoga

Yoga psychology, described in the Vedic books and systematized by Patanjali in his Yoga-sutras is a very sophisticated description of the nature of the human mind and its capacity. It makes a distinction between memory, states of awareness, and the fundamental entity of consciousness. It puts the analytical searchlight on mind processes, and it does so with such clarity and originality that it continues to influence people all over the world.

Several kinds of yoga are described. They provide a means of mastering the body-mind connection. Indian music and dance also has an underlying yogic basis.

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