Dharma and Religion
Our failure to be conscious of this difference has resulted in the creation of several crucial problems that we, as humans, have faced in this century and continue to face even today.
Vedic and Abrahamic Thought
There are two major thought systems or worldview in this world: Vedic and Abrahamic.
Common Misconceptions about Hinduism
General social, philosophical and religious misconceptions about Hinduism.
Academic Hinduphobia
Indian studies in the West (especially the US and the UK) are overwhelmingly hostile to their object of study. An unbroken straight line can be drawn, from this burgeoning British hostility towards Hindus over a hundred years ago to the constant fabrications of British journalists and editors in the print media and television about India today.
Represents the resistance movement against the cultural, religious and economic domination of India by Western powers.
Adharmic Doctrines
Absence of Dharma from the Consciousness of the Western Mind
Colonial-Marxist Historiography
History books in India still largely teach the British view of India from the colonial era and have not changed much since the independence of the country over fifty years ago.
The Myth of the Aryan Invasion Theory
Today, this theory is being challenged more and more by new discoveries, both archaeological and linguistic.
Darwin's Theory
Darwin's Theory of Evolution Debunked
Covert methods which the Christian missionaries employ to harangue and/or hoodwink the unsuspecting Hindus.
Indicates the state of Muslims who takes pride in the purity of its Arab, Persian or Turkish descent and do not refer to Indian Muslims in the general context.
The creation of new history of India that was fabricated to ensure that present and future generations of mentally colonized people would believe in the inherent inferiority of their own traditional knowledge and in the superiority of the colonizers' 'modern' knowledge.
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