Culture and Tradition

India is renowned for its rich Cultural Heritage. Various Artforms like Music, Dance, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture & other Allied Arts have thrived in this country for Centuries now & needless to say, have reached high amounts of Sophistication. The role of Art as an integral part of life was recognized by Indians very early. The ancient scholars have divided, identified & natured as many as 14 techniques or lesson forms and 64 art forms.

The word for culture and heritage is Sanskriti, "refinement".
When Hindus meet others they greet them with "Namaskar" or "Namaste".
Classical Indian dance comprises three aspects, Nritta, Nritya and Natya. Eight Indian dance styles: 1. Bharatanatyam (Tamil Classical Dance), 2. Odissi (Orissa Classical dance), 3. Kuchipudi (Telugu Classical dance), 4. Manipuri (Manipur Classical Dance), 5. Mohiniaattam (Kerala Classical Dance, 6. Sattriya (Asamese Classical Dance), 7. Kathakali (Malayalam Classical Dance) and 8. Kathak (North Indian Classical Dance).
chatuh shashti kala
Sixty-four arts — a classical curriculum of sacred sciences, studies, arts and skills of cultured living listed in various Hindu shastras.
A yajna is a fire ceremony. The tradition of yajna is well known in India, as it is the most ancient of Vedic rituals, which Indians have carried on till the present day.
The Samskāra are a series of Sacraments, Sacrifices and Rituals that serve as rites of passage and mark the various stages of the Human life and to signify entry to a particular Ashrama.
Marriage. An elaborate and joyous ceremony performed in presence of God and Gods, in which the homa fire is central.
Holy Festivals
In the Vedic/Hindu tradition, there are many festivals that are observed throughout the year. There are major festivals and numerous minor ones, as well as those that are celebrated on a local or regional basis, which are celebrated differently according to the location, or even named differently.
Hindus apply distinctive marks on their forehead.
Hindu worship (puja) involves images of God/Goddesses (murtis), prayers and chanting of mantras and use of diagrams of the universe known as yantras.
surya namaskar
Sun Salutation — is one of the most popular and well-known practices of hatha yoga today. It has sprung forth out of one of the oldest forms of worship known to man — the adoration and homage paid to that core of our natural existence that is the sun.
Great Hindu Sages
Great Hindu Sages
Great Indians
Biographies of great men and women from Bharat (India).
Manu Smriti (मनुस्मृति)
The Manu Smriti translated Codes of Manu is regarded as an important work of Hindu law and ancient Indian society.
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