Sacred Symbols
The most sacred single syllable in the entire literature of Hinduism is OM. This word is constantly on the lips of devout Hindus from the cradle to the grave. It stands for Brahman, both as personal and impersonal God.
An ancient solar sign considered to invoke auspiciousness.
Lamp — symbol of light.
Lotus – symbol of purity/transcendence. Growing out of the mud, it is beautiful, and though resting on water, it does not touch it.
Trident – the symbol of Shiva; often carried by Saiva sannyasis (renunciates).
The dance of Shiva — represents the constant biodance of life — creation, maintenance and transformation and indicates the perfect balance between life and death.
literally means "mercy," and refers to anything that has been sanctified through offering to God (e.g. flowers). It specifically refers to food offered to God.
Rudrakshas beads have been worn by Hindu Sadhus (holymen) and Gurus since the last 5000 years. Hindus believe that rudraksha beads will bless the wearer with with health, wealth, intelligence, luck, divinity, power, prosperity, happiness, spirituality and anything else you desire in life. It has the power and ability to bless the wearer/worshipper with almost everything he/she desires.
The Gods.
The prime ten avathara (incarnations) of Shri Maha Vishnu. Sriman Narayana out of compassion and to save HIS bhakthas from asuras have incarnated in this material world time and again.
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