Prakritika Manvantara

Prakritika Manvantara or Prakritika Pralaya (Sanskrit: "from prakriti or nature;") — universal manvantara. The dissolution and manifestation of prakriti or nature; also called the elemental pralaya because the universe then returns to its original elements. Hence in one sense it is partial because the dissolution reaches as far as the elements and there stops. The inner portions or constitution of the universe remain as it were in statu quo, which does not signify that they are inactive — any more so than the reincarnating ego is inactive when the lower quaternary of the human constitution undergoes its prakritika pralaya or death.

A prakrita pralaya occurs, for instance, at the end of an Age or Life of Brahma, when the cosmos goes into pralaya; then everything that exists is resolved into the primal elements, themselves resolved into the One, only to be reissued or emanated anew at the end of the long Night or Brahma pralaya.

Prakritika pralaya may apply to a globe; when it refers to the cosmic pralaya, the resolving of the prakritis of nature goes even beyond the cosmic elements, for these are then resolved into the One.




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