Pseudo Secularism

Twisted Definition of Secularism

Everything against Hindus seems to be justified in India, a country dominated by 82 percent Hindus. There are no such things as Hindu rights, safety of Hindu temples and their money, Hindu pilgrimages and the Hindu way of life. Instead, every effort is made to favor, appease, fund and tolerate others, especially Muslims who are doubly benefited by the secular policies of the Government of India, and states ruled by the Congress Party and its coalition partners. Their Sharia laws give them an added advantage.

False Division of People into Majority and Minority

Pseudo-secularism is nothing but guarding selected "minorities" (particularly the Muslims and Christians) at any cost, blaming the majority, even for a trivial cause. This division on the basis of numbers of Religious groups connotes a false feeling that majority mean mighty and minority mean weak.

This tendency has resulted in two way trend to secularism:

  • Direct Appeasement of Minority — In which every action of the people belonging to the minority community (Muslims and Christians) is defended, irrespective of its rightness or otherwise, under our Constitution.
  • Indirect Appeasement of Minority — In which the target community is the majority, where every opportunity is well used for bashing the Majority community in order to please the minority (Muslims and Christians).

People have stopped thinking of themselves as Indians. They are coming to think of themselves as Muslims or members of this or that community. The UPA government has stooped to such a low level of politicising religion that the Union Minister for Minority Affairs, Mr A. R. Antualay seems determined to impart or impose minority status on Jains, who have not even asked for it.

The reservations for Muslims and Christians would divide the Nation once more forcing a trauma on the people. Those whose roots are abroad and residing here can be considered as minorities but not those that are born here. Neither Muslims nor Christians residing here have come from abroad. Politicians are accepting their demand to get their votes. They should think beyond hanging on to power and act in the interests of the Nation.

The latest in the series is the August 8, 2005 landmark judgment by the Supreme Court of India through which it dismissed the Minority Commission's plea to grant minority status to Jains saying, if only on the basis of a different religious thought or less numerical strength or lack of health, wealth, education, power or social rights, a claim of a section of Indian society to the status of 'minority' is considered and conceded, there would be no end to such claims in a society as multi-religious and multi-linguistic as India is.

Nehruvian secularism

Committed to the cause of de-nationalising and de-Hinduising Indian polity. De-nationalising involves the processes of devaluing both nation and nationality. De-nationalising the Indian State, Radha Rajan asserts, has resulted in deadening our consciousness to the ignominy of the rise of a foreigner in Indian polity who aspires to become our Prime Minister.

Reverse Justice

Civil laws are not uniformly applied to Muslims

Muslims are allowed to practice their own Sharia (Islamic) laws for marriage, divorce, family inheritance and other customs. Civil laws are not uniformly applied to Muslims and their rights, real or imaginary, traditional or just made up, are generously safeguarded. They are permitted practices even if some of them are in direct conflict with India's laws on divorce, maintenance money after divorce, and other social, religious and cultural practices.

  • Subsidising Haj visits — to the so-called minorities in the name of secularism.
  • Even where Muslims are in a majority, as in Jammu and Kashmir, Muslims get preference.
  • Muslims can take up to 4 wives, but other people of other religions can take only one wife. This is also another secular aspect under the UPA.

Indoctrination Through History and Social Science

Politically and socially criminal attempts to use history and social science to indoctrinate the young and impressionable minds with the agenda to de-root the Hindu community from its cultural enclave of geographical nationalism.

UPA government has carefully planted all the activists belonging to the anti-Hindu category as Members in the Central Advisory Board on Education (CABE) and National Integration Council (NIC). This also includes the Archbishop of Delhi! Many of the activists under the scanner in this book under review find place in both CABE and NIC. This fact is not incidental but fundamental. The dastardly aspect in this context is that there is not a single member in CABE or NIC to represent Hindu interests while Muslims, Christians, Marxists and Nehruvian Secularists and page boys of Sonia Gandhi have been nominated exclusively to represent all these interests in general and the overriding sovereign anti-Hindu secular interests.

Since 1920s, Dravidian Movement has been spearheading a hate campaign against Brahmins branding them intruders from Khyber and Bolan passes into Tamil Nadu, corrupting the chaste Tamil culture and tradition. It may look ridiculous at the very first glance, fit to be thrown into the dustbin without a second look but strangely, EVR and his Dravidar Kazagam party could sell this concept to the gullible illiterate and semi literate people of Tamil Nadu. This concept was conveniently based on Aryan-Dravidian theory, cunningly constructed about two centuries ago by the wily Caldwell, a Christian missionary and proselytiser, who wanted to divide Hindu society so that he could easily convert the non-Brahmin communities calling them Dravidians, a separate entity. Despite Brahmins of Tamil Nadu speaking Tamil only at homes as their mother tongue and several of them had done great service for the development of the language and culture, they were described as aliens to Tamil language and culture.

Usurping Temple Money and Temple Revenue

The Congress policy is to take over Hindu temples that are a big source of money from millions of devotees every year. That money is fully controlled by governments run by Congress Party, and its coalition partners. Hindu Temple Trusts, or traditional priests, no longer run those Temples. They are, instead, run by government-appointed Boards or Managing Committees consisting of bureaucrats from other communities also.

A part of the Hindu money (temple money and temple revenue) also goes to Christian Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), who utilize these funds for the spread of Christian religion, education, social and cultural practices. Evidently, Hindu money, Hindu temples, Hindu religion, Hindu rights, and Hindu population, everything is going down.

Hindus are not given the right to administer their temples and utilize temple money in the interest of Hindu Dharma.

Thus a very large amount of Hindu money is going to government coffers and through them to others to the detriment of Hindus, and Hindu temples. That is a clear case of discrimination on the basis of religion, and partisan policies of the government at the Center and Congress-ruled states. This is wrong, and a violation of constitutional norms. This is blatantly unfair policy towards Hindus. And this is arbitrary, to say the least.

There has been no take over of mosques, churches or institutions run by Muslims and Christians. Only Hindu temples are targeted. Why is this discrimination and differential treatment? And the meek, tolerant, submissive Hindus don’t raise a finger to protest it! And when they do, they are branded “communalists” by Muslims, leftists, and even some sections of so-called secular Hindus. How surprising!

The new arbitrary development is about one of the most famous Hindu temples in Mumbai – Siddhivinayak. The Maharashtra government of Congress and its junior partner, Sharad Pawar’s Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), have conveniently managed to take over Siddhivinayak Temple Trust that gets huge amount of money from Hindu devotees. These devotees include top movie stars such as Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai who regularly visit Siddhivinayak and offer big money and jewelry.

Siddhivinayak is a temple of Ganesh, the most popular deity in Maharashtra, and also many other parts of India. No traditional religious function is complete without first praying to Ganesh, the son of Shiva and Parvati.

The Congress and NCP have divided the Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan and Siddhivinayak Temple Trust amongst themselves as if these Trusts are commodities to be used and exploited by the Government for its anti-Hindu and anti-national policies of minority appeasement.

The Changing Religious Demographic Structure Against the Retention of Hindus

The Governments do not take cognizance of growing religious demographic imbalance.

State-Powered and Funded Religious Conversions

The Roman Catholic Pope, when he visited India, had bluntly told his audience in Hindu-dominated India that his mission is to convert people to Christianity (Roman Catholic version, of course). It was a slap on Hindus and should have been on the face of the Government of India that had invited him and that claims to be 'secular.'

Opposite to secularism, both in ideas and in practice, is missionary activity, which is the attempt to convert the world to a single religious belief. Christianity is today, and has historically been, an anti-secular religion. Christian churches may tolerate the laws of living in secular countries, but they have not yet adopted a secular acceptance that many religious and spiritual paths can be valid and that no one religion has the last word.

  • the demand that governments acknowledge the consequences of foreign, State-powered and funded religious conversions,

When Ashok Singhal, head of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), asked the Pope to 'announce that Christianity is one of the ways that can lead to salvation and not that Christianity is the only way to salvation.' The newspapers called Singhal a 'hardline' Hindu leader but did not accuse the Pope of being rigid in his views. Yet Singhal accepts a pluralism to religion and salvation but the Pope does not. In terms of ordinary religious discourse Singhal has more liberal views than the Pope does but he is called a hardliner because he is questioning the missionary process! A very statement asking the Pope to affirm religious tolerance is itself styled intolerant!

False Portrayal of Indian History

Most pseudo-secular Marxist and anti-Hindu (and of course anti-national) historians from Jawaharlal Nehru University and Aligarh University takes special delight in running down the sources of ancient historical tradition of Bharatvarsha. For them Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung are the real sons of the Indian soil; Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Bipin Chandra Pal, Lala Lajput Rai and other great nationalist leaders who pleaded for time-honoured Hinduism Sanatana Dharma do not belong to India.

The real history of a country is not the history of wars and battles, invasions and conquests, not even the record of the rise and fall of dynasties, but it is the history of the evolution of its inner national life in all its dimensions and aspects. In studying the History of Bharatvarsha, more particularly the history of ancient Bharatvarsha, most of the historians and scholars more often than not, fail to find out the real soul of India. Our present knowledge and history of ancient Bharatvarsha is derived from and mostly based on the work and writings of western historians and indologists during the last 300 years.

It is unfortunate that no effort was made after Independence to revamp the system of education in tune with national ideals, aspirations and needs. Several commissions and committees were set up, valuable recommendation were submitted but owing to lack of political will, no sincere attempt was made to implement them.

Instead of creating a sense of pride and respect for the cultural heritage and national heroes, a curriculum was adopted which heaps insults and invectives on them. The NCERT textbooks, which contain objectionable references to great personalities and certain communities, the obscene and derogatory comments on the Hindu deities in the IGNOU textbooks, the ugly and distorted depiction of Bhagwan Sri Ram, Hanuman, Lakshman and other personalities who are regarded as the very embodiment of noble virtues, in the Delhi University syllabus are examples of this kind.

  • demands for an accurate and honest writing of Indian History

Refusal to admit that all terrorism leading to secession is either Christian or Islamic terrorism

Stubborn 'secularist' refusal to admit that all terrorism leading to secession is either Christian or Islamic terrorism.

Indian insist on secularism, a useless way to fight a rigid, dangerous Islamic ideology. For thousands of years, Hindus were under intense persecution by the Jihadi Muslims—that's the way Islam operates. Islam fight for Allah until infidels are subjugated and surrendered. India must be wary in order to be able to protect what few freedoms we have left (compared to the freedoms our forefathers enjoyed prior to Islamic invasion).

India maintains its secular status as a free society for all religions beliefs. Special status, privileges and rights are accorded to Muslims under the Indian constitution for fear of riots and Jihadi terrorism, and a special way to appease Muslims. Islam is not a party to any treaty with either secular or religious nations. It has one doctrine: conquer the world for Allah. If the Indian leadership believes it has a bunch of secular Muslim leaders in India, Pakistan or any other Muslim nations, it is dead wrong. Thousands of Indians are slaughtered daily by Jihadi terrorists in Kashmir, Pakistan and Bangla Desh. Indian citizens are discriminated, tortured and humiliated in Islamic countries.

Indians are notoriously ill-informed when it comes to the various threats to its people and its national security by militant Islam.Finding Muslim terrorists that are capable of bringing down our nation and identifying Jihadi terrorists beheading innocent men, women and children are important to preserve and protect our nation. Coercion,terrorism, violence, rioting, beheading, hijacking and torching temples and business centers certainly are the basis of Islam. Not every Muslim subscribes to voluntarily as a terrorist. At least not willingly. So far, all the terrorists have been Islamic.

Right now, Islam is still the world's most dangerous ideology. Indians need to recognize that publically to unwind the coils of Islam. The kind of teaching & preaching that the Moslems receive, from their Mullahs & Maulvies eggs them on to wars. Like Christians, they have engaged in religious wars for 1400 years, they are not about to abandon their profitable business, of Islamic-Propagation & Domination through Jehad.

The whole world knows that six million Jewish people were murdered by Nazis. It is also known that 1.2 million Armenians were butchered by Turkish Muslims. But nobody knows about the Hindu Holocaust. There are various estimates on how many million Hindus have been slaughtered by Islamic invaders inspired by holy Quran. Prof Bill French of the Centre for the Study of Political Islam, Tennessee, who has conducted an in-depth research on the subject, told me that Muslims have killed 120 million human beings around the globe (including 40 million Hindus in India alone). Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch says that in sheer numbers, no group of people has suffered from Islam like the Hindus.

In spite of historic examples of Islam’s mammoth-barbarism, the UPA types have chosen to ignoring the stinking record of Islam, hurt the Hindu, and appease the Moslem.

Some blatant examples of Anti-Hindu Bias of the UPA types & of its ineptness are:

  1. It was Manmohan Singh who tried to grant pardon to Afzal Guru ( a convicted-terrorist ), his UPA cohorts were talking politely to relatives of terrorists, for getting some Moslem votes.
  2. UPA government has totally failed to stop illegal migration of terrorists, across the border from Pakistan & Bangladesh. In fact, the UPA types have colluded with Muslim League, Majlis, & Islamists of Assam. Thousands of Pakistanis coming to India as visitors, never return to Pakistan on expiry of their visas. UPA government does not even know where they are, let alone take any action against them.
  3. Because of its incompetence, the response of UPA to Mumbai-Terror, was slow, confused, and inefficient. The forces initially sent to the scene were inexperienced police officers, many of them were killed. It took them ( UPA ) some time to grasp the scope of the attack. The terrorists had killed over a hundred & wounded three hundred, before the skilled Commando forces of the military ( MARCOS & NSG ) were deployed.
  4. Several local Moslems helped the terrorists, who not only provided them shelter, but also showed them around places & police stations. The widely held view is that, terrorist foot-prints go back to Pakistan.
  5. The performance of Indian Intelligence agencies, both at state & federal level, under UPA watch, has been pathetic.

Systematic Denigration by the State, of Hindu icons

Systematic denigration by the State, of Hindu icons that is clothed either in terms of the need to enforce the law, or by pure violent acts by terrorists.

They are all committed to their supreme objective of De-Hinduising the Indian State which means rendering the Hindu identity to any aspect of our national life illegitimate and irrelevant in public life and public discourse, with the subterranean objective of eroding the 'Hindu Consciousness' in the Hindus and finally wiping out the Hindu face of the nation.

When Kanchi Sankaracharya was arrested in November 2004 on Deepavali Day, the UPA Government in New Delhi maintained an attitude of 'strategic', 'suave' and 'secular' silence. When anything relates to Hindu Religion or Hindus, the UPA Government either overtly or covertly makes it very clear that it is no part of the allotted duty or constitutional responsibility of the Government of India to interfere in such religious matters. But the same UPA Government is always in a state of combat readiness to rush to the rescue, relief and succour of terrorists of Jihadic Islam or Angels of Service of Compassionate Christianity as and when required.

Deliberate Demeaning of Hindu religion

Marxists have no qualms when attacking Hindus, but they are very sensitive about attacking Islamic and Christian religious and social practices. We rarely hear any words from the Marxists to liberate Muslims and Christians from their rigid, fundamentalist and non-compromising dogmas. Can anyone think of one speech wherein Marxists have expressed a word against Talak, (divorce), polygamy, child marriage and Jihadi terrorism of Muslims as well as coercive religious conversion, and deceptive propaganda of Christians?

Marxists and their cohorts are relatively clear what they want to achieve in India. They want the destruction of Hindu civilization and establishment of a proletariat Marxist state. For the last seventy five years, Marxists are working hard to realize their misguided and dangerous goals through positive sounding slogans such as 'inclusion', 'human rights', 'feminist empowerment', 'classless society', and 'women's rights'. With these positive sounding words, Marxists call for the destruction, in every possible way to deconstruct Hindu thoughts and bring down the Hindu culture.

Subtle propagation that the Hindu is incapable of defending himself in face of repeated terrorist attacks

The Central government in New Delhi and state governments has no coherent and coordinated policy or program against the growing menace of Jihadi terrorism. Phony secular politicians, bogus intellectuals, leftist academicians, liberal media and Jihad organizations have made an unholy alliance in India. The weak and vacillating attitude of the Government of India, the lethargic and indifferent attitude of the media, leftist support, the sickening secular press and the public apathy make Islamic terrorism to continue in India. To eliminate Islamic violence, India should join with the free world and challenge the very Islamic ideology that fosters Jihadists.

The extraordinary preoccupation with tolerance encourages political leaders to peddle self-deception and self-delusion as realistic. The Islamite media, leftist intellectuals and alienated academicians seek refuge in pseudo secularism and irrational tolerance and use institutionalized tolerance as a recipe for moral uncertainty. They peddle tolerance, pseudo secularism and minority rights as labels for political racket, and parade it as a sign of philosophical depth. They use their political power for presenting fraudulent Islamic preachers and jihadi terrorists as a healthy sign of a tolerant, culturally pluralistic society. The concept of tolerance is used to brainwash innocent people to believe that they exist to serve fanatic Muslims.

Former Punjab Director General of Police, K.P.S.Gill made the point that India was being ruled by pseudo-secularists who did not have the will to fight terrorism. At a meeting organized by the Forum on Integrated National Security (FINS), Gill said that

“intellectuals and some political establishments are wedded to weaken the country consciously and as a programme, in the name of secularism.”

As Gill saw it, Islamic fundamentalism backed by Pakistan is growing with its sleeper cells increasing across the country, while extremist political leaders are posing a larger danger of dividing the society in the pretext of advocating welfare of Muslims and OBCs. Now—believe it or not—the UPA government has decided to provide a relief package to dependents of terrorists — those very men who fought in the past against the integrity of India and were killed by the security forces in Jammu and Kashmir.

Something is terribly wrong not only with our national law and order system, but the distribution of prosperity throughout the length and breadth of the country. The distribution is very uneven, but that is only one aspect of the situation. The other aspect is the growth of Jehadism in the country and it has now been discovered that Karnataka has become a center of recruitment. What comes as a shock is that the recruits are not illiterate or poor Muslims eking out a bare living, but well-educated youths among whom were noticed a civil engineer, a software engineer, a mechanical engineer with a Ph.D in computational fluid dynamics and a doctor. Apparently there is growing radicalization of educated Muslim youth who have pursued their education in Britain and the United States.

  • In March 2006 there was twin bombing in Varanasi, one at the railway station and the other at the Kashi Vishwanath Temple killing 20 people.
  • In July 2006, seven serial bombings of a Mumbai railway station killed more than 200 and injured 700 others.
  • In September 2006 at least 30 persons were killed and 100 injured in twin blasts at Malegaon in Maharashtra.
  • Not even Hyderabad, which has a large Muslim population, was spared. On August 25, 2007, bombs ripped through crowded public areas killing at least 42 persons. It is as if these deaths do not matter. The brutal incidents are quickly forgotten.

Minorities have fully exploited the rights

The Central government constitutes numerous commissions on minority education, minority welfare, and minority reservations as if all other unorganised communities do not belong to this country.

The organized minorities have fully exploited the rights in a state like Kerala. Today they own more than 90 per cent of educational institutions and still demand all kinds of state benefits and bounties. Is it fair on the part of the state to favour only the richer and organised sections? We all believe in social justice and equality for all, but how come only a section enjoys everything at the cost of others?

Several thousand Muslims from Malappuram are employed in Gulf countries. With the free flow of money from the Middle East and with the political power of the Muslim League cabinet ministers, Muslims work to undermine economic security of Hindus and disrupt Hindu family life. The goal of their strategy is to drive Hindus out of the district. Some congress politicians become a tool in the hands of the Muslim fundamentalist groups in Malappuram district.

All the schools and colleges are controlled by Muslims and special privileges are accorded to them enabling them to neutralize Hindus. Hindu students are an easy target for psychological indoctrination. One of the most telling examples of such policy in action is the cancellation of educational classes on Friday and Muslim holidays including the month of Muslim Ramadan. By using such psychological manipulation, Muslims succeed in creating anxiety, fear and panic among young Hindus. The atmosphere created by such acts casts a great shadow over Hindu society. Hindus also feel unsafe in their own homes and workplaces, daily life is disrupted, causing considerable harm to personal and family morale. Hindus in general are depressed, marginalized and demoralized. Suicide rate among Hindus are increasing in Malappuram. The Muslim message is: until you leave Malappuram district, you will not be safe.

Muslims exert economic pressure on Hindus with money and political power. Muslims try to amplify Hindu fear by denying them economic and educational opportunities at institutions and businesses controlled by them. With the free flow of money from the Gulf countries and government subsidies, Muslims are grabbing lands, property and small businesses from poor Hindus. Poor, unemployed Hindus are driven out of urban areas dominated by Muslims.

Government policy of Muslim appeasement, special privileges and financial aid exclusively for Muslims is what makes strategic threats of Muslims more harmful to Hindus.

This reminds one of the social apartheid of Africa, where the white 'minority' enjoyed all state privileges and discriminated against the majority blacks, who had equal or more rights! In colonized India, the white minority had enslaved our ancestors for years. (We still think like slaves while the organised minorities are looting the state shamelessly.) Any 'slave', who opposed the fascist white minority, was branded as a terrorist. Nation bled with the oppressive policies of the British and the rest is history.

Minorityism: UPA brand equity

The UPA Manifesto of Minority Empowerment

  • The UPA removed the Prevention Of Terrorism Act (POTA) as soon as it gained power in 2004. Reason? It was communal.
  • During UPA rule, Jehadis have made strike upon strike upon Indian Cities. They know the weak UPA government will never take any action against them.
  • In North East India, Christian missionaries are making conversions on the gun point. This is perfectly secular according to the UPA.
  • Advance reserving seats in educational institutions based on religion. This is also secular. (for example – St. Stephens college).
  • Always mention that how many Muslims were killed in the Godhra incidents, but it will never mention the Hindus. It gains the Muslim vote bank right here.
  • In order to stay in power and please the DMK party, the UPA decided to dismantle the Rama Sethu bridge, which Hindus believe was built by Lord Rama. This is another facet of UPA secularism.
  • When parties such as the BJP call for a stern approach on terrorism, they are labeled as communal. This means thinking in your nation’s interest is communal.
  • Throughout the country, there are many Muslim theological schools known as Madrassas. They are known to brainwash the Muslim youth into Terrorism. Still the UPA believes in providing funds to them.
  • Furthermore, the UPA will provide monetary grants to Muslims for Hajj, but never to people of other religions.

Strategic Silence on Ethnic Cleaning of Hindus-Sikhs in Jammu and Kashmir

A souvenir of the Jammu and Kashmir police released in 2003 and quoted by another senior officer, Joginder Singh (Pioneer, February 11) provides the facts on the damage done by terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. According to the souvenir, between 1990 and December 2002 there were 56,041 incidents of violence including 10,093 explosions, 29, 931 firing incidents, 5,561 cases of arson, 763 rocket attacks, 4,597 abductions, 229 cases of hanging to death, 275 arms snatching cases and 4, 592 other acts of violence. During those 14 years, more than 30,000 civilians were killed and security forces seized 24,785 AK—type rifles, 9,387 pistols and revolvers, 58 carbines, 91 light machine guns, 6,865 kgs or RDX , 742 rocket launchers and the list grows. Worst, due to terrorism, 3.70 lakh Hindus and Sikhs were forced to leave the Valley and there has been total ethnic cleaning.

Proponents of Pseudo-Secularism

The so called secular political outfits and the Media are two chief executants of this trend.

The unprecedented and unchecked freedom enjoyed by the so called Secular Intellectuals and the Media has now reached a u-turn.

Instances of Pseudo-Secularism

Derogatory paintings of Hindu Gods and Goddessess by M F Husain

In the recent Delhi High Court verdict on the issue of derogatory paintings of Hindu Gods and Goddessess by M F Husain, the court went in favor of the Minority defendant against the Majority’s prosecution.

The killing of a Hindu Guru, Laxmananada Saraswathi in Orissa

The killing of a Hindu Guru, Laxmananada Saraswathi in Orissa, who was engaged for the betterment of the Tribal’s was shot dead along with other 3 inmates of the ashram! Not a single news paper nor the so called intellectuals or politicians condemned the attack!

When Swami Lakshmanananda, a Hindu saint and sage in Kandhamal district, was brutally murdered by Christian missionaries on Krishna Jayanthi Day on 23 August 2008, the central government ignored it and forgot about the Indian Constitution. Similarly when Hindus get killed in Jammu and Kashmir everyday by Islamic terrorists, no such advisory is ever deemed necessary by the central government in respect of state government Jammu and Kashmir. Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir are victims of UPA backed Islamic terrorism; Hindus in Orissa are victims of Christian terrorism and Hindus in Karnataka are victims of Christian terrorism.

Open support extended to the SIMI

The Media and the Intellectuals are maintaining stoic silence over the open support extended to the SIMI by the Samajwadi party and RJD to the SIMI.

Illegal immigration of Bangladeshi Muslims

Openly supports illegal immigration of Bangladeshi Muslims in to India for their votes!

The Secular Question that Needs to be Debated

1. How can one live peacefully with a religion whose principle is Intolerance, which says blatantly that Kafirs (Non-Moslem Infidels) shall not be tolerated ?

2. How can you live peacefully or have composite culture with a people, who follow a religion that teaches intolerance of those who do not subscribe to their religion ?

3. How can Hindu-Muslim unity be arrived at when, Moslems go on converting Hindus practically all over ( Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India…Kashmir ), while Hindus are advised not to convert any Moslem ?

Dharma and Secularism

Much of the current tension in Indian society is on account of 'secular' politicians mollycoddling the two monotheisms and suppressing legitimate Hindu aspirations. While secularism in a Hindu context permits the existence of other faiths, it cannot tolerate negation of Hindu identity and culture. Dharma demands that spiritual paths that refuse to coexist and seek actively to destroy others must be repelled.

What we need most urgently is to recognize that our tolerant culture cannot exist without a philosophy of confrontation of intolerant ideas.

In the name of tolerance, we should not allow Jihadi terrorists, communist fascists and Muslim fundamentalists to impose their intolerant ideology on our throat. It’s time to start rethinking things from the ground up. It’s time to realize the limits of tolerance and move away from moral paralysis.

The need of the hour for India is the recognition of the fact that India does not owe its great virtues of pluralism, diversity and tolerance to any western concept or ideology, but to the influence over India of Vedic culture and philosophy. And also to be understood is the fact that India's age-old virtues shall not be endangered by the questioning of the relevance of secularism to the world's oldest and most pluralistic civilization.



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