sâdhana or sādhanam (Sanskrit: साधनम्, "the means of attainment") is a term for "a means of accomplishing something" or more specifically "spiritual effort or practice" leading to siddhi (“perfection” or “accomplishment”). Sincere spiritual endeavor or practices; Self-effort, spiritual discipline both physical and mental such as puja, yoga, meditation, japa, fasting and austerity. The effect of sadhana is the building of willpower, faith and confidence in oneself and in God and Guru. Sâdhana harnesses and transmutes the instinctive-intellectual nature, allowing progressive spiritual unfoldment into the superconscious realizations and innate abilities of the atman (True Self). A sadhaka is an aspirant devoted to the practice of sâdhana.


Saâdhana is living a life as a sadhaka, living life is an action of the divine energy, the consciousness-force (chit). It means doing all action for the Divine with all action as an instrument of the divine power, thus perceiving all action as done by the Divine — the master of works — through his own tapas-shakti. It is a means to realize progressively, consciously, and uninterruptedly that all is integrally one and that the one divine essence is present in all.



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