Include Picture

This package will allow you to recall a useful include for images. This gives the image a border, allows for a heading and caption, lets you select where the image will be, and lets you resize the image without disrupting format and looks. If something is not needed, for example you don't include a heading, all is well; there will be no heading, no consequences!


How to use

  • Install the package page to your site by copying the code from the pages above to the appropriate page name.

Then, every time you want to recall an image or picture, rather than using the standard [[image]] syntax, use the following code and fill in the appropriate information:

 [[include in:picture
  • After |pictureurl, put the source of the image. If left blank, then an "Image Unavailable" will appear.
  • After |heading, put what heading you want. If you do not want a heading, leave it blank.
  • After |caption, put whatever caption you want the image to have. If you leave it blank, nothing will show.
  • After |float, define either "left" (the image goes to the left) or "right" (the image goes to the right). If you leave this one blank, the image will automatically center. DO NOT define "center", or it will go to the left. Just leave it blank.
  • After |link, put the URL of where you want the image to take the user when clicked on. If you leave it blank, the link will automatically be the source of the image.
  • After |picresize, define how large you want the image in pixels. Default size is 195px.

For example, the following code generates the image on the bottom:

Image Unavailable
I do not know what galaxy this is exactly.


This will be content of the side bar.


The main content.


This will go into the left cell of the table.


And this into the right cell.

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