vāsara or vaasara, often abbreviated as vaara in Sanskrit-derived languages, refers to the days of the week.

Following are the Hindi and English analogues in parentheses

1. Ravi vāsara (रविवार ravi-vaara or Sunday; ravi = sun)
2. Soma vāsara (सोमवार som-vaara or Monday; soma = moon)
3. Mangala vāsara (मंगलवार mangal-vaara or Tuesday; mangala = Mars)
4. Budha vāsara (बुधवार budh-vaara or Wednesday; budh = Mercury)
5. Guru vāsara (गुरुवार guru-vaara or Bruhaspati-vaara or Thursday; vrihaspati/guru = Jupiter)
6. Shukra vāsara (शुक्रवार shukra-vaara or Friday; shukra = Venus)
7. Shani vāsara (शनिवार shani-vaara or Saturday; shani = Saturn)

There are many variations of these names in the regional languages, mostly using alternate names of the celestial bodies involved.




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